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The skin is the largest organ in your body. Signs of aging, poor health, or poor maintenance will be manifest on the skin more than any other part of the body. Therefore, skincare ought to be prioritized. The skincare industry has grown massively in recent years. Technology has been one of the driving forces behind this growth.

Thanks to technology, anti-aging and skincare solutions are not only becoming better but also more subtle. Previously, those who used anti-aging products never admitted it, but today, you will find them proudly admitting to using these products. This proves how far the skincare industry has come. Skincare technologies have become even better with growing demand. Here are some advanced skincare technologies that you should expect to see in 2020.

Wearable Beauty Tech

Today’s beauty enthusiasts are more tech-savvy than before. They are increasingly using technology-driven products that give them insight into their beauty choices and their lives in general. Beauty brands are increasingly leveraging wearable tech to create products that can undertake DNA analysis, skin kin scans, and so on.

With such products, consumers will be able to test the effectiveness of products more conveniently. Already, brands are leveraging augmented reality to create wearable beauty products that help consumers to manage their beauty and health in general, more effectively.

Micelle Technology

Micelles are those molecules that align themselves in spherical shapes in aqueous solutions. Micellization involves transforming an oil-based product and its ingredients into bio-absorbable products that are available to the body. This is done without altering the molecular structure or form of the products. Micelle water is alcohol-free and contains dirt-loving molecules that attach to debris on the skin, thus removing it.

In 2020, you should expect to see more beauty products created via micelle technology. After a long day, you need to cleanse your skin. Thanks to micelle water, you can remove makeup, dirt, cleanse the skin, and maintain its tone with a few swipes of a cotton pad. Micelle technology helps create great products that are gentle on the skin.

Skin Scanners

The skin’s hydration levels significantly determine its tone and overall appearance. In the last few years, skin scanners have been getting popular among beauty enthusiasts who wish to track parameters such as hydration levels, average pore size, and fine-line formation.

A skin scanner comes with a magnification camera and ultra-sensitive moisture sensors, which help you get crucial insights about your skin health in real-time. Most scanners feature attachment plugs to enable you to plug them to your iPhone for alerts about skin hydration levels and other parameters. You should expect to see more of such beauty products in 2020.

LED Therapy Devices

Beauty enthusiasts and doctors are increasingly using laser treatments to address typical skin problems such as uneven skin texture, wrinkles, brown spots, large pores, and inflammation. Anti-aging devices, in particular, have become common because most of them are non-invasive and portable. These products use radiofrequency to rejuvenate your skin within the shortest time possible. Renoir Labs’ anti-aging devices are some of the best tech-inspired skincare products that you can find on the market.