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Beauty tech has grown incredibly in the past couple of years. Brands are using everything, from augmented reality to artificial intelligence, to attract customers amidst fierce competition in the industry. Industry giant L’Oreal recently declared that it doesn’t want to be the biggest beauty brand, but the biggest beauty tech company in the world. This clearly shows that brands are increasingly incorporating technology into their products.

For years, the beauty industry seemed to have stalled with the same beauty products getting recycled by major brands. Thanks to technological advances, today’s consumers are more demanding. They are clamoring for personalized products, which can only be created by leveraging technology. Here are some notable skincare technology trends that will characterize the industry in the coming years.


AI and Personalization

Most consumers always complain about difficulties in finding the right skincare products. For instance, women who have darker skin tones point out that the variety of products available to them is limited. To address such complaints, brands started leveraging AI to create custom products that are the “exact match” of clients’ skin tones.

A consumer’s skin tone gets scanned using a handheld device before the results are run through a computer. The computer will use an algorithm to choose from over 20,000 shades. After that, the computer’s findings will be sent to a machine designed to create the perfect mix of skincare products.


Smart Skincare Devices

Can a tech-savvy consumer trust a computer to rate his/her skin? The answer to this will probably be a yes. Thanks to beauty tech, consumers can now use smart skincare tools to evaluate their skin. The HiMirror, for instance, is a smart mirror developed by a Taiwanese company, which captures images of your face every time you take a look at it.

The device will then scan the image for red spots, wrinkles, fine lines, brightness levels, and pores. These factors will get rated from “good” to “poor.” After that, the smart mirror will send you personalized tips as well as product recommendations. When you combine the power this smart skincare device with high-end products such as Renoir Labs’ anti-aging device, you’ll be able to attain the perfect skin tone.


Printed Makeup

Have you ever imagined having a robot doing your makeup? Well, several gadgets released in the recent past suggest that this could soon be a reality. Major brands, including Proctor and Gamble, have unveiled makeup printers, which feature wands that can scan your skin and precisely apply makeup on it.

The devices come with built-in cameras and microprocessors for analyzing data to distinguish between the light-skinned and dark-skinned parts of your body. These devices leverage 3D printing technology, facial recognition technology, and AI to give you a perfect look.

Technology is at the core of the growth experienced in the beauty industry over the past few years. We now have products that address the needs of individual consumers rather than the mass market. Therefore, it’s safe to argue that the future is here as far as beauty tech is concerned.