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In the world we live in today there are various therapies that are used for skin care. More and more seem to be added as years progress. This is from an industry of cosmetics such as facial creams that promise “miraculous results”, as well as invasive treatments like surgery that in addition to being painful and expensive and are quite harsh to experience.

However, several studies have been carried out by experts proving that there are effective alternatives for skin care results that do not require a scalpel or miraculous potions.

Let’s talk about chromotherapy! (also known as “color therapy”) and how it has become an important ally for many people around the world who want to have beautiful, radiant and wrinkle-free skin.

Chromotherapy falls into the category of an “alternative treatment”, however, more experts are supporting this type of therapy. The technology is vast and more complex than you may think.

Learn more about chromotherapy

New studies have found that the application of LED light on the skin of the face has many benefits if applied at different frequencies, these benefits include relaxation (helping to control facial stiffness), bio-stimulation (rejuvenates, nourishes revitalizes and balances skin cells) and detoxification (bactericidal, cleanses the body and even impurities), removing stains, blackheads and acne.

The application of LED light is one of the most effective, painless and natural treatments that exist today. It is a fact; skin is nourished with the energy produced by light and according to its color (warm or cold) it will have different results for patients.

Nowadays the popularity of the product types are more mainstream, and treatment options are available in aesthetic centers across the world. Not all were created equally though. Renoir has been on the forefront of the design and development of top-tier products, and our LED devices are of the highest quality.

Chromotherapy is ideal to “fight” against the appearance of wrinkles and also increase the stimulation of fibroblasts for the production of collagen, renews the cells of the face (and skin in general), reduces sun damage, enhances the action of facial products and it has also been discovered that it has decongestant properties, especially for people with rosacea.

Renoir makes use of chromotherapy

Our Renoir device uses chromotherapy and LED light applications to achieve our primal goal: Offering you one of the most effective anti-aging facial treatments on the market today. Best of all, you can use our device in the comfort of your home!

Renoir works by infrared radiation that penetrates the dermis with the aim of revitalizing the skin and activating the production of collagen. It also has thermal energy that helps skin to vasodilate, so that it’s more oxygenated and blood flows properly.

The results of the treatment are simple… Beautiful, rejuvenated skin in the comfort of home!