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Why is skin care important?

Did you know that the skin is the largest external organ on your body? It is what covers us and serves as a barrier between our internal organs and the outside world! it serves as the armor that nature gave us to protect ourselves. It is also the one organ that is constantly 0exposed to harsh conditions such as sunrays, ultraviolet rays, temperature changes and other agents that gradually deteriorate us.

The skin also functions as a filter and helps regulate our temperature, in addition, it is constantly growing, with cells that die as others form. In fact, doctors say that every 10 years, our body completely regenerates skin cells. Isn´t that interesting?

The skin is also an organ that indicates the state of your health, so if you eat well, do some exercise, rest, stay hydrated and have a balanced diet, your skin will show it and will “fight” against the premature signs of aging, in addition to avoiding any potential illness. However, sometimes it is necessary to take extra precautions and add to your daily skincare regimen.

A healthy skin speaks for itself!

The good appearance of your skin is not limited only to something “superficial”, as we mentioned before, the skin says a lot about your health. However, it is good to note that taking care of your skin properly does help many people with their self-esteem.

If your skin is not healthy, it will have a dull, yellowish color and the appearance of wrinkles will be much more visible, especially if it is not sufficiently hydrated, in addition it will cause irregular spots, especially on the face (the skin of the face is much more delicate than the rest of the body).

But then the question is … How do we take care of it properly?

First, drink plenty of water, this is necessary to keep skin hydrated, especially in harsh climatic situations. Have a daily cleaning routine, when you wake up and before you go to bed to eliminate accumulated natural oils and impurities. It is advisable to use moisturizers, but not those used for the whole body, since these have extra components that are not suitable for the skin on your face.

Make sure you have a balanced diet: grains, vegetables, nuts and lean proteins. This helps the skin to have more vigor. We recommend exfoliating your skin up to twice a week, protect yourself from the sun using a good sunscreen and from time to time, do some massages:  this oxygenates the skin and activates blood flow.

The most effective device for your skin

Remember that your skin is visible to everyone! To avoid problems, it is also important that you use extra methods that will keep your skin healthy, fresh and perfect always.

Renoir understands the importance of having a healthy skin, so we have dedicated our efforts over many years to the development of the most effective and advanced anti-aging devices, backed by the FDA. We are experts in the cosmetic industry and large entities such as the University from Harvard, Yale, the Medical College of Wisconsin, NASA and others have backed the science.

Our Renoir device is designed to take care of the skin and reverse the effects of skin aging through radio frequency and LED light therapy, to prevent wrinkles, blemishes, scars, impurities and that your skin will always be healthy, smooth, firm and as you always wanted it.

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