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Why Red and Blue Light Therapies are Good for Your Skin

Light has been described as the source of life. Likewise, it can be a powerful tool as far as skincare is concerned. In recent years, there has been a steady growth in the popularity of red and blue light therapies in the field of dermatology. This has preceded the advancement of anti-aging devices that utilize light wavelengths for skin rejuvenation. Blue and red light are the most widely-used wavelengths. Red light is mainly used for anti-aging purposes, whereas blue light is used to treat acne. Here’s why LED light therapy is good for your skin.

It is Safe

Unlike other known types of light therapy, blue and red light therapy are safe to use even for considerable periods. These wavelengths do not contain ant ultraviolet rays. LED light therapy does not cause burns and similar side effects like other anti-aging therapies such as laser and dermabrasion. It is safe for all skin types and colors since it is non-invasive. Since the treatment is non-invasive, you do not need recovery time after a session. Therefore, you can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment.

The side effects of LED light therapy are rare and include redness, rashes, and inflammation. These side effects are generally mild and tend to appear after the first session, but disappear soon after.

LED Light Therapy is Convenient and Affordable

A typical red or blue light therapy session takes a maximum of 20 minutes. You will need to go back every week during the first eight weeks, and once every month for the subsequent months. Therefore, it’s easy to schedule therapy sessions in a way that suits your office house. That being said, its much more convenient, and cost effective over the long run to own the number one device for LED light therapy. This ensures that you have frequent access, do not need to wait for appointments, and can enjoy all of the benefits without delay.

You can also opt for at-home LED devices, which you can use at your convenience without necessarily attending to any appointments. When used as advised, LED light therapy will give you that much-desired skin glow and complexion. To maintain the new-found results, maintenance treatments are recommended.


LED Light Therapy Can Be Used on Different Body Parts

Many people tend to assume that LED light therapy can only be used on facial skin. This is a misconception because you can use the treatment on technically any part of your body. The misconception that this therapy is only meant for the skin arises from the fact that skin damage is often manifested on the face more than any other body part. Contrary to what you may think, LED therapy can also work effectively in the chest and neck, which are other areas that tend to portray the signs of aging.